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Maybe you want to raise awareness of a product, service or brand. Maybe you’ve got an important message to get across and you need to change people’s perceptions or influence behavior. Maybe you want to show how something works and give people the final push they need to buy.

Whatever your objectives, video is an effective way to cut through the noise, get people’s attention and hit the message home. We use human psychology and proven best-practice approaches to make videos that connect with your customers. And – more importantly – compel them to click, share or add to basket.

There are lots of reasons why internal communications often fall flat. Work is a busy and demanding environment, with lots of messages competing for attention. Attempts at communicating on a company-wide scale often feel irrelevant to individuals with more pressing issues to contend with. And so on.

Done right, videos can quickly command attention and connect on a deeper level than other channels – video is an engaging, emotive experience that makes important messages instantly accessible. We use strategy and insight to involve and inspire your team and help you steer your company culture or performance in the direction you want.


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For Enterprise
At Lenawa Web Solutions, we have custom packages for larger enterprises which are tailor made for the organization's requirements - Custom styles and templates, Exclusive characters and properties, training, team licenses, custom branding and enhanced personalized support.
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