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10 April 2024
17 April 2024
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Project Description

Cafu, a leading fuel delivery service, needed an impactful email marketing campaign to boost customer engagement and promote a new service. They approached Lenawa Solutions to create the artwork and design elements for the campaign.

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Following Process

Online Request


clients submit an online request or reach out to discuss their project requirements. This initial step allows us to understand the project scope and their specific needs.

Discuss Budget


Once we have a clear understanding of the project, we engage in a discussion about the budget. It’s essential to align expectations and ensure that the proposed budget is feasible for both parties.

Research Work


After budget discussions, we conduct thorough research related to the project. This includes analyzing competition, target audience, industry trends, and identifying the most effective strategies to achieve the desired goals.

Ready to Start


With the research completed and the budget finalized, we are ready to kickstart the project. This involves creating a detailed project plan, outlining key milestones, and setting realistic timelines for each phase of the project.


Cafu was launching a new service and required a visually appealing email marketing campaign to attract attention, communicate the benefits, and drive customer interaction. The challenge was to create a design that resonated with their brand and stood out in crowded inboxes.



Our team  worked closely with Cafu to understand their brand values, target audience, and campaign objectives. We designed the email campaign artwork with a focus on:


Brand Consistency: We ensured the design matched Cafu’s existing branding, maintaining a cohesive look across all marketing materials.

Clear Messaging: The artwork was crafted to highlight the key benefits of Cafu’s new service, making it easy for recipients to understand the value proposition.

Engaging Visuals: We used striking graphics and color schemes to catch the reader’s eye and encourage them to engage with the email content.


The email marketing campaign was a success, with Cafu achieving a high open rate and increased customer engagement. The positive response to the design and messaging contributed to the overall success of Cafu’s service launch.

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