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17 December 2022
28 January 2023
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Project Description

In December 2022, Lenawa Solutions was approached by Cora, a digital bank in Brazil, with a unique challenge: to relaunch their website with a new, modern look that would not only attract visitors but also offer a seamless user experience. Cora, known for its innovative approach to banking, wanted a website that would reflect its brand values—vivid colors, a clean design, and user-friendliness. Despite a tight deadline, we delivered exceptional results, leading to a long-term partnership with Cora.

The Challenge

Cora’s existing website lacked the visual appeal and intuitive navigation that their rapidly growing user base required. The bank needed a site that was not only aesthetically pleasing but also conveyed trust and reliability. Additionally, they had a tight deadline for the relaunch, targeting the first week of February 2023.

The Solution

Our team at Lenawa Solutions began by conducting a comprehensive analysis of Cora’s existing website and their brand identity. We focused on the following key areas:

Design: We crafted a visually striking design with vivid colors that aligned with Cora’s brand. The new layout was clean, modern, and engaging, providing an excellent first impression to visitors.

User Experience: We ensured the website was user-friendly, with intuitive navigation and easy-to-find information. Our goal was to create a seamless experience for both new and existing customers.

Development and Maintenance: Using the latest web development technologies, we built a responsive and scalable website. This ensured that the site would perform well across various devices and could be easily updated for future needs.

SEO: To increase visibility, we implemented SEO best practices throughout the website. This included optimizing meta tags, content, and site structure to improve search engine rankings.

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Following Process

Online Request


clients submit an online request or reach out to discuss their project requirements. This initial step allows us to understand the project scope and their specific needs.

Discuss Budget


Once we have a clear understanding of the project, we engage in a discussion about the budget. It’s essential to align expectations and ensure that the proposed budget is feasible for both parties.

Research Work


After budget discussions, we conduct thorough research related to the project. This includes analyzing competition, target audience, industry trends, and identifying the most effective strategies to achieve the desired goals.

Ready to Start


With the research completed and the budget finalized, we are ready to kickstart the project. This involves creating a detailed project plan, outlining key milestones, and setting realistic timelines for each phase of the project.


The Results

We delivered the new website ahead of schedule in January 2023, well before the targeted February deadline. The impact was immediate and positive:

Increased User Engagement: The revamped website attracted more visitors and kept them engaged for longer periods. The clean design and intuitive layout contributed to an enhanced user experience.
Higher Conversion Rates: The improved design and user experience led to higher conversion rates, with more visitors signing up for Cora’s services.
Strengthened Brand Image: Cora’s new website reflected their innovative and customer-focused approach, strengthening their brand image and reputation.
Following the successful relaunch, Cora hired us for additional projects, including the design and development of landing pages for their marketing campaigns. This ongoing partnership is a testament to the quality of our work and our commitment to client satisfaction.


Lenawa Solutions successfully transformed Cora’s website into a modern, eye-catching platform that resonated with users. By focusing on design, user experience, development, and SEO, we delivered a high-quality solution that exceeded expectations and established a long-term partnership with the client. If you’re looking to revamp your website or need assistance with web development and SEO, Lenawa Solutions is ready to help. Contact us today to learn more about how we can support your business’s online presence.

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