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09 June 2023
12 June 2023
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Project Description

Lenawa Solutions was entrusted with the task of creating a clean and simple brand package for our client, Kindred Spirit. The project aimed to capture the essence of Kindred Spirit’s values and vision and translate them into a cohesive and visually appealing brand identity. Lenawa Solutions embarked on a journey to design a brand package that would effectively represent Kindred Spirit’s unique identity and resonate with its target audience.

Client Background:

Kindred Spirit is a company that specializes in holistic wellness and spiritual practices. With a focus on providing services such as yoga, meditation, and energy healing, Kindred Spirit aims to create a nurturing and transformative experience for its clients. As a growing business, Kindred Spirit recognized the importance of establishing a strong and distinctive brand identity that would set them apart from competitors and attract their ideal clientele.


  1. Undefined Brand Identity: Kindred Spirit lacked a clear and consistent brand identity that accurately reflected their mission and values. This posed a challenge in effectively communicating their unique offerings and connecting with their target audience.

  2. Lack of Visual Cohesion: The existing branding elements of Kindred Spirit, including logo, colors, and typography, lacked consistency and failed to create a cohesive visual identity. This inconsistency hindered brand recognition and diluted the impact of their messaging.

  3. Clarity in Brand Messaging: Kindred Spirit struggled to articulate their brand messaging in a concise and compelling manner. They sought a solution that would help them communicate their values, services, and benefits effectively to their target audience.


  1. Brand Discovery and Strategy: Lenawa Solutions conducted an in-depth brand discovery process, delving into Kindred Spirit’s core values, target audience, and unique selling propositions. This research laid the foundation for developing a comprehensive brand strategy that aligned with Kindred Spirit’s vision and resonated with their ideal clients.

  2. Visual Identity Design: Lenawa Solutions crafted a visually appealing and cohesive brand package for Kindred Spirit. This included designing a new logo that captured the essence of their brand, selecting an appropriate color palette that evoked a sense of tranquility and connection, and choosing complementary typography to enhance readability and aesthetics.

  3. Brand Messaging and Collateral: Lenawa Solutions worked closely with Kindred Spirit to refine their brand messaging, creating a clear and compelling brand story that resonated with their target audience. Additionally, Lenawa Solutions designed various collateral materials such as business cards, brochures, and social media graphics to ensure consistent brand representation across different touchpoints.

Kindred spirit

Following Process

Online Request


clients submit an online request or reach out to discuss their project requirements. This initial step allows us to understand the project scope and their specific needs.

Discuss Budget


Once we have a clear understanding of the project, we engage in a discussion about the budget. It’s essential to align expectations and ensure that the proposed budget is feasible for both parties.

Research Work


After budget discussions, we conduct thorough research related to the project. This includes analyzing competition, target audience, industry trends, and identifying the most effective strategies to achieve the desired goals.

Ready to Start


With the research completed and the budget finalized, we are ready to kickstart the project. This involves creating a detailed project plan, outlining key milestones, and setting realistic timelines for each phase of the project.

Finalizing the Project:

After a collaborative design process, Lenawa Solutions presented the final brand package to Kindred Spirit, incorporating their feedback and ensuring their satisfaction. Along with delivering the digital files and assets, Lenawa Solutions provided guidelines for brand implementation, enabling Kindred Spirit to maintain brand consistency in their future communications.

The brand package developed by Lenawa Solutions successfully captured Kindred Spirit’s essence and positioned them as a reputable and authentic brand within the holistic wellness industry. The clean and simple design elements, combined with a cohesive visual identity and compelling brand messaging, helped Kindred Spirit attract their target audience and differentiate themselves from competitors.

The collaboration between Lenawa Solutions and Kindred Spirit exemplifies the power of effective branding in conveying a company’s values and connecting with its ideal customers. With their new brand package, Kindred Spirit is poised for continued growth, building strong relationships with their clientele and making a positive impact in the holistic wellness community.

Crafting Brand Identity: Lenawa Solutions' Impactful Collaboration with Kindred Spirit

Branding is crucial for businesses as it shapes the perception and identity of a company in the minds of customers. It is a strategic process that establishes a unique and recognizable presence, setting a business apart from competitors. Effective branding helps build trust, credibility, and loyalty, fostering strong connections with target audiences. It communicates the values, mission, and benefits of a business, creating a cohesive and memorable impression. A well-crafted brand strategy enhances customer recognition, drives customer engagement, and ultimately contributes to business growth and success.

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