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5 June 2022
10 July 2022
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Project Description

Shorturl originated from a simple idea – to streamline the process of managing and sharing various types of links. The project’s inception was fueled by the recognition of the diverse needs of different user groups. From restaurants looking to simplify menu sharing through QR codes to influencers and businesses seeking to optimize their online presence with bio links, Shorturl aimed to cater to them all.


In a world driven by digital connectivity, the need for efficient and versatile link management tools has become increasingly essential for businesses, influencers, and individuals. Shorturl, a web-based platform, was conceived to address this need by providing a comprehensive solution for creating short URLs, QR codes, and bio links.


Following Process

Online Request


clients submit an online request or reach out to discuss their project requirements. This initial step allows us to understand the project scope and their specific needs.

Discuss Budget


Once we have a clear understanding of the project, we engage in a discussion about the budget. It’s essential to align expectations and ensure that the proposed budget is feasible for both parties.

Research Work


After budget discussions, we conduct thorough research related to the project. This includes analyzing competition, target audience, industry trends, and identifying the most effective strategies to achieve the desired goals.

Ready to Start


With the research completed and the budget finalized, we are ready to kickstart the project. This involves creating a detailed project plan, outlining key milestones, and setting realistic timelines for each phase of the project.

Finalize the Project

Development Phase

The development phase of Shorturl was marked by meticulous planning, agile development practices, and rigorous testing. Here are some key aspects of this phase:

Feature Set: The Shorturl team identified and prioritized features crucial for the platform’s functionality, including link shortening, QR code generation, bio link creation, link tracking, and customization options.
User Interface: The user interface was designed with a focus on simplicity and clarity. A user-friendly dashboard was created, allowing users to effortlessly manage their links.
Scalability: To accommodate potential growth in users and traffic, Shorturl was built on a scalable infrastructure that could be easily expanded as needed.
Customization: Users were given the ability to customize link previews, QR code colors, and bio link layouts, enhancing their branding and user engagement.
Security Measures: Robust security features were implemented to protect user data, prevent link abuse, and ensure the reliability of generated links.
Beta Testing and Feedback
Before the official launch, Shorturl underwent an extensive beta testing phase. This allowed real users to provide valuable feedback and helped identify and rectify any issues or concerns. Feedback from a diverse group of beta testers, including restaurants, influencers, and businesses, was integral in refining the platform.

Launch and Reception

In 10 July 2022, Shorturl was officially launched to the public. The reception was overwhelmingly positive, with users across various sectors embracing the platform’s versatility and ease of use. Word-of-mouth marketing, along with targeted outreach to restaurants, influencers, and businesses, contributed to a rapid increase in user adoption.

Ongoing Improvements

Post-launch, Shorturl continued to evolve based on user feedback and changing digital landscape trends. Regular updates and feature enhancements ensured that Shorturl remained at the forefront of link management tools, offering even more value to its users.

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